PFT GMBH CEO Mr. Jakob Spiegel



1969 High School Examination     

1969-1972 Student Gas applications for industrial purposes    Gasanstalt Kaiserslautern AG, Germany     

1972 Master of Industrial Economy, Chamber of Commerce, Kaiserslautern, Germany     

1972-1992 Volunteer Fire Brigade of Kaiserslautern, Germany     

1972 Instruction Course Breathing Apparatuses     

1973 Instruction Course Engine Operator     

1974 Instruction Course NBC Protection     

1974 Instruction Courses Wireless Communication     

1975 Instruction Courses Ambulance Rescue Team     

1976 Instruction Course Major Disaster Operations Civil Defence at Katastrophenschutzschule Burg, Mosel, Germany

1978 Instruction Course Civil Aviation Desasters a Katastrophenschutzschule Burg, Mosel     

1981 Instruction Course Groupleader Firebrigade (Fach- und Führungslehrgang Brandschutz Stufe 1 )at Landesfeuerwehr- Schule Rheinland-Pfalz, Koblenz, Germany

1982 Appointment as Chief Leader Volunteer Fire Brigade Kaiserslautern

1984 Instruction Course Leader of Fire Brigade Unities ( Fach- und Führungslehrgang Stufe 2 ) at Landesfeuerwehr-schule Rheinland-Pfalz, Koblenz, Germany     

1985-1992 Fire Chief of Volunteer Fire Brigade Kaiserslautern Zug IV

1982 – Now Chairman of the Fire Brigade Association of Kaiserslautern, Germany, representing the volunteer, Professional and industrial fire fighters of the area

Years of Gas Experience:      45 years

Years of Simulator Experience: 21 years    

Inventor for computer controlled, gas fuelled hot fire training       

Systems with trainee’s surveillance    

Inventor for pilot burner and flame management     

Inventor for Roll-over     

Inventor for Flash-over     

Inventor for computer controlled tunnel fire simulators     

Inventor for computer controlled forest fire simulators


Expertise:                           International Sales Management, Project Management and     

Fire Place Development for Fire Simulators, Development of     

Fire fighting tactics and training programmes for individual fire     

Places and fire systems     

Fire Training Systems & Equipment since 01.01.1985

Until 31.12.1998  additional consultant Fire Training Systems /

European ICS     

Until 31.12.2002 additional consultant Amec Fire Training     

Until 31.10.2006 additional consultant Draeger Safety AG     

Technology Provider for Draeger Safety AG


Present Position:               CEO of all Phoenix Companies worldwide      

Project Experience:            29 years

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