PHOENIX has in Kaiserslautern two areas, one is the office tract and one is the construction tract.  In the construction tract – pictures of the facility follow below the explanation – we manufacture the following products:
1. Steel Fabrication  Here all steel parts of all fire props are manufactured. Larger fire props – aircrafts, tanks etc. – are prepared in such way that the parts are compatible for container/truck loading and they will be finally mounted together at site.
2. Piping All gas-, water-, air and ducting pipe work for any project is cut, threaded and lengthened to the requirements at site for the final installation at the client’s training ground.
3. Gas trains All gas trains for main burners and pilot burners are mounted into lockable, weatherproof stainless steel equipment boxes so they have only be connected at the site to the pipe work already prepared. The advantage of installing all gas components in separate equipment boxes is to keep them away from heat, moisture and thermal shock and in case of maintenance simply the modules can be changed and must not be repaired at site.
4. Electronic and electric equipment The PLC- and computer controlled system for the unit is programmed and all signal and electric cables for operating the fire training unit are cut and prepared for the final connection at site. 
5. Combustion Air, ventilation system All components to provide combustion air for the ignition system and for the main burners (important for indoor structural fires) are prepared and pre-mounted for the final connection at site. Blowers and/or compressors are pre-adjusted for the relevant air flows.


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